C++ Creator Bjorn Stroustrup: “I Wish bitcoin hadn’t been invented»

The Creator of the C++ programming language, Bjarne Stroustrup, regrets that this language was used to create the first cryptocurrency.

The programmer from Denmark expressed his opinion during a speech on the podcast
Artificial Intelligence Lex Friedman (Lex Fridman). Stroustrup believes that bitcoin is often used for criminal purposes and he would like the first cryptocurrency not to be invented at all.

“I would say this: when you create a tool, you don’t know how it will be used. You try to improve it when you see how it is used, but you don’t really have control over how it is used. I am very happy and proud of many things that C++ is used to create, and some things I would like not to happen. Bitcoin mining is my favorite example. It spends as much energy as Switzerland and mostly serves criminals,” the C++Creator emphasized.

Currently, 7 GW of energy is spent on bitcoin mining, which is approximately 0.21% of the total global consumption. At the same time, the annual volume of transactions related to illegal activity in BTC is $72 billion.