The average dollar value of a BTC transaction exceeded $129,000

The average dollar value of a bitcoin transaction returned to 2017 levels and exceeded $129,000. The last time such a level of this indicator was recorded during the BTC rally to $20,000.

According to BitInfoCharts, on September 17, the average dollar value of BTC sent in a single transaction reached the highest level since the end of 2017 and exceeded $129,000. The growth of this indicator is a sign of a steady increase in activity in the Bitcoin blockchain.

The number of active BTC addresses – unique addresses that send and receive transactions every day – is also at its highest level since the end of 2017. Active address holders have made an average of about 850,000 transactions per day since the last week of August.

At the end of 2017, the average number of daily BTC transactions almost reached one million. We also remind that this week the volume of trading in bitcoin futures on the Bakkt platform reached a new record of $173 million. In addition, according to Chainalysis, the number of new investors in the bitcoin market is growing rapidly.

At the same time, not only Bitcoin users began to interact more actively with the network. On September 17, Ethereum miners earned 42,763 ETH on commissions, equivalent to $16 million at the current exchange rate, due to an increase in the number of transactions amid the DeFi app boom.