The launch of the main Filecoin network is scheduled for October 15

Developers of the decentralized network for storing data Filecoin reported that the main blockchain of The project will be launched on October 15.

With Filecoin, Users can buy and sell unused space on hard drives and storage using the project’s own cryptocurrency, FIL. The Filecoin ICO took place in 2017 and brought developers $257 million, with tokens sold out in just 15 minutes.

In an article on the company’s blog, the developers write that during the launch of the test network, more than 400 miners from 34 countries joined it, and the total storage volume exceeded 325 PEB (PiB). This is enough to store 90 million movies in 1080p resolution and 1,400 copies of the entire Wikipedia.

In the coming weeks, the project’s main network launch preparation phase will take place, during which miners, clients, custodial services, and Filecoin application developers will be able to configure their Systems for launch. More than 265 different applications are already running on the project’s test network.

Initially, it was assumed that the main Filecoin network would be launched in mid-2019, but then the launch was postponed several times.