The hacker returned the Ethereum domain names received as a result of the error

Developers of the Ethereum domain name system (ENS) managed to return the names received by one of the users during the auction at a lower price due to errors in the code.

As previously reported, the ENS application process for OpenSea was compromised, allowing one user to get 17 domain names at lower prices than were available to others. The developers of ENS and OpenSea asked him to return the domain names, promising compensation.

As soon as the user claimed rights to domain names, including apple.eth, the only way ENS and OpenSea could regain control of them was to blacklist the domains. The developers offered the hacker 25% of the final price of each of the returned domains after their re-auction.

Some domain names are quite expensive, for example, the owner of coffeshop.eth asks for 100 ETH or $17,000 per domain at the current exchange rate. For 17 domains, a hacker can get a decent reward, depending on the auction prices. OpenSea is reported that the auction will resume in the near future.

“Obviously, the hacker thought that 25% of the cost of domains is a more profitable option than trying to resell them yourself due to their blacklisting. Or maybe he just showed generosity – in any case, we are grateful,” said ENS lead Developer Nick Johnson.