Swiss University is testing a blockchain system for verifying the authenticity of diplomas

The Swiss University of St. Gallen has announced the start of testing a blockchain system that will help in the fight against forgery of higher education diplomas.

According to CNN, thanks to the use of distributed registry technology, the authentication of diplomas now takes seconds, instead of several days. The University’s Director of information technology, Harald Rotter, emphasized:

“I realized that this is necessary, and blockchain is great for the process of transferring and verifying our diplomas.”

The University entered into an agreement with a local blockchain startup BlockFactory, under which the company provided its certification solution for issuing diplomas that cannot be forged-each diploma is registered in the Ethereum blockchain.

Earlier it was reported that Malaysia plans to fight fake diplomas at the national level. To do this, the country’s Ministry of education has introduced an E-Skrol system based on the NEM blockchain. In addition, in February, Malta announced the transfer of the storage of educational diplomas to the blockchain.