BlueWallet developers have added a function for mixing PayJoin coins to the wallet

BlueWallet developers have updated the cryptocurrency wallet and added the function of mixing PayJoin coins to increase the confidentiality of transactions.

According to the developers of BlueWallet, in version v5.6.1 mobile and desktop Bitcoin wallets now have a function for mixing PayJoin transactions to increase their privacy. PayJoin is a coin mixing technology based on the Bitcoin improvement proposal (BIP) 78. BlueWallet users will Now be able to mix their crypto assets in a single transaction to make it harder to track them.

“Unlike a normal bitcoin transaction, Payjoin packages input data from both the sender and the recipient, and the recipient sends themselves additional coins,” the developers explained.

Recall that last fall, BlueWallet announced a partnership with the P2P platform HodlHodl, in which it added bitcoin trading with Lightning Network transaction support.

More and more wallets are implementing features to increase transaction privacy. Last year, the developers of the mobile Bitcoin wallet Samourai Wallet introduced a beta version of The whirlpool service CoinJoin, which increases the confidentiality of transactions. In addition, in August, the developers of Wasabi Wallet announced that they will replace the CoinJoin mixing technology with their own development.