Binance launches the Binance x developer platform

Binance has introduced a developer platform called Binance X to develop its cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Binance X will help developers explore and work with the blockchain ecosystem, as well as with Binance’s own solutions, such as Binance Chain, API and software packages for developing Trust Wallet applications.

“The long – term goal of Binance X is to create a thriving ecosystem for developers that introduces innovations in products and services that contribute to the development of the cryptocurrency industry and the spread of crypto assets,” said Teck Chia, head of Binance X.

Chia said that now is “the right time” for this initiative, as the number of developer products and the number of third-party developers who create products and services on the platform is growing at Binance.

“These developers deserve a team focused on helping them succeed at all stages of their development.

Binance initially hinted at the launch of Binance X last week in a tweet. The launched initiative will connect developers with various programs of the company: Binance X Fellowship, Binance Labs Incubation, Binance Launchpad and other partner programs. For example, the Binance X Fellowship program has already attracted more than 40 developers and projects, according to the company’s statement. Chia told the Block:

“As a rule, we are open and ready to support non-standard and creative projects and ideas. We hope that innovative projects from third-party developers will appear on our platform that will help the mass distribution of cryptocurrencies. “

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