UN: “anonymity of cryptocurrencies makes it difficult to fight cybercrime»

A representative of the United Nations (UN) said that cryptocurrencies significantly complicate global efforts to combat cybercrime due to their anonymity.

Neil Walsh, head of the cybercrime and money laundering division of the United Nations Office against drug trafficking and crime, made
the comments in an interview with the Australian broadcasting Corporation on Thursday. He noted that due to the anonymity of cryptocurrencies, the fight against cybercrime is much more complicated.

Walsh warned that cryptocurrencies are also used in crimes related to global networks of child sexual exploitation, which are more common than most of the public believes.

Earlier this month, the UN said it was investigating 35 cyber attacks carried out by hackers from North Korea. As reported Earlier, hackers from North Korea were responsible for stealing $2 billion from banks and cryptocurrency exchanges. According to researchers, North Korea used the stolen funds to Finance the development of weapons of mass destruction.