A New Zealand resident is accused of money laundering with the help of cryptocurrencies

A New Zealand citizen, whose name is kept secret, is accused of money laundering using cryptocurrencies and buying luxury cars.

The 40-year-old Auckland man has been charged with around 30 counts of money laundering, according to local newspaper NZHerald. A resident of New Zealand was arrested as part of a major operation to seize illegal assets – he was found to have cryptocurrencies purchased with illegal funds.

In addition, the accused used premium cars for money laundering. For example, he bought a Lamborghini for NZ $ 421,000 and a Mercedes G63 for NZ $ 288,000. Through his activities, he also bought a property in the east Auckland area for NZ $ 1.7 million.

According to the defendant, the money for laundering was transferred to him by a man at the Auckland airport earlier this year. Recall that recently there was an international operation to catch criminals who laundered money with the help of cryptocurrencies. Europol arrested 14 members of the group QQAAZZ in different countries of Europe.