Medical data of 17 million Chinese tourists in Macau transferred to blockchain

The transfer of medical data of residents of the Chinese province of Guangdong to a blockchain-based system allowed 17 million tourists to visit Macau.

The solution of the non-profit consortium FISCO BCOS was used to transfer medical data to the blockchain. Back in May, the Macau health data system, also built on blockchain, was able to recognize the identification codes of the Guangdong health system.

At the moment, 17 million tourists have passed customs clearance between Macau and mainland China using blockchain-based systems. At the first request of a tourist, it takes only 100 seconds to create an entry in the system, and only 3 seconds to verify the state of health when passing customs.

“The launch of a healthcare system with individual codes on the blockchain in Macau, as well as interaction with the system of Guangdong Province, significantly improves the efficiency and accuracy of information verification between countries. The system has proven effective in normalizing travel between mainland China and Macau,” FISCO BCOS said in a statement.

Information about the health of tourists is stored in encrypted form in the FISCO BCOS blockchain, and the Weldentity solution of the WeChat messenger is used for data exchange between the systems of Macau and the Chinese province.

In early October, it was reported about plans to develop a Digital Health Passport system for residents of Singapore. The system will allow storing medical data of patients on the blockchain, and access to them will be provided through a special “wallet”.