A Muscovite was robbed of 12 million rubles when selling bitcoins

A resident of the Russian capital at a personal meeting sold bitcoins for 12 million, but the bag with the money was stolen immediately after the transaction.

The Muscovite arranged a meeting with the buyer of bitcoins in a restaurant. Shortly after the transaction, he went to the bathroom, where unidentified persons took away his bag with money and disappeared. Law enforcement agencies are investigating the crime.

“On December 8, the OMVD of Russia in the Presnensky district received an appeal from a citizen who reported that unknown people in the restaurant took a bag in the toilet room, which contained about 12 million rubles. The applicant was supposed to receive these funds in exchange for cryptocurrency,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs said.

Thus, the seller lost both bitcoins and rubles — he managed to transfer the cryptocurrency to the buyer’s wallet. The police opened a criminal case of fraud on a particularly large scale.

Recently, another resident of Moscow lost cryptocurrencies worth over 11 million rubles. He mistakenly went to a phishing site that copies a cryptocurrency wallet blockchain.com, and entered the password for the real wallet there. After that, the attackers withdrew all cryptocurrencies from the Muscovite’s wallet.