Microsoft: “Hackers use cryptojacking attacks as a distraction»

According to a recent report from Microsoft, hackers have become more likely to use cryptojacking attacks as a distraction for more serious security intrusions.

This summer, a group of hackers called BISMUTH attacked government organizations in France and Vietnam with relatively easy-to-detect Monero mining Trojans, according to a report by Microsoft security researchers. Cryptocurrency mining brought the group additional income, but also distracted the victims from the real activity of BISMUTH-the theft of credentials.

According to Microsoft analysts, cryptojacking “allowed BISMUTH to hide its malicious activities behind threats that may be perceived as less disturbing as they have become mass malware.” BISMUTH hackers specifically use easily detectable cryptojacking software to ” hide in plain sight.”

Microsoft recommends that public and private organizations be vigilant against cryptojacking attacks, which may constitute a red herring.

Recall that in October, Microsoft released the next annual report on computer security, which also paid attention to the problem of encryption viruses. In September, Microsoft recorded several virus campaigns using the new Anubis malware to steal confidential information and crypto assets.