says: Cardano token has updated the maximum value since 2018

Since the beginning of January, the price of the altcoin has risen by 133%. The key reason for the growth could be the upcoming update of the project

On February 11, the price of Cardano (ADA) broke the level of $0.45, rising by 20% during the day, according to data The last time the coin reached this mark was in February 2018. Since January, the exchange rate has increased by 133%. In March 2018, the asset’s quotes fell to $0.04, an increase of 1,900% since then.

The increase in the cost of the altcoin occurred on the eve of the project update. At the end of February, the main Cardano network will be launched. Users will be able to issue their own tokens on the coin’s blockchain. It will also become more decentralized, and the speed of transactions will increase, the developers noted in their blog

On the same day, Ethereum set a new historical high in value. The price of the altcoin rose to $1,494. On the exchange, the record was reached at $1.5 thousand.