In Abkhazia, mining farms with a capacity of 25 MW were turned off during the day

On Saturday, January 23, the police of Abkhazia conducted a raid to identify illegally connected mining farms. Equipment with a total capacity of 25 MW was turned off.

press release notes that mining farms were identified in different regions of Abkhazia. In Gagra and Gagra district, 17 illegal farms with a total capacity of 10 MW have been shut down. The raids took place in the Bzyb gorge, on the territory of a former distillery, a plant for processing crushed stone, a sanatorium “Kasatka”, a base “Konti-opt”, a private apatskhi in the village Alakhadzy, as well as in the residential sector.

Another 10 farms with a capacity of approximately 10 MW is disabled in Gulripsh district in the villages of Marhoul, Bagmara, Babycare, Dranda and Arca. In the Ochamchyrsky district, almost 1,000 devices for mining cryptocurrencies with a total capacity of 2 MW were turned off.

In addition to raids to identify illegal mining farms, the Abkhazian police also monitored previously disabled facilities — in the Tkuarchal and Gudauta districts.

“The raid activities were carried out by the personnel of the territorial divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia together with representatives of the Prosecutor’s Office, the State Security Service, district administrations and specialists of the branches of Chernomorenergo, “the press release says.

Recall that in early December 2020, the Parliament of Abkhazia adopted a resolution banning mining in the republic until June 1, 2021. However, many miners “went underground”, so the authorities of the republic periodically conduct raids to identify farms. In mid-December 2020, almost 7,000 ASIC miners were disabled during the raids.