Amazon is looking for developers for a digital currency project

Amazon is looking for engineers and software developers for a digital and emerging payments project. The vacancy in the Mexican branch mentions the development of a digital currency.

According to the vacancies published by Amazon, the company plans to develop projects related to digital and emerging payments. The description of one of the Amazon jobs says:

“This product will allow customers to convert their cash into a digital currency, with which they can use online services, including purchases of goods and / or services, such as Prime Video.”

Amazon’s Digital and Emerging Payments division intends to roll out the product in Mexico first. Judging by the description of the second vacancy, the digital currency development project is focused on emerging markets. Amazon hires software engineers “at all levels.”

Recall that in 2013, Amazon already issued the Amazon Coin, which was used to buy gaming applications and digital content on Android smartphones and Blackberry devices. However, it was not a cryptocurrency, as it was not based on the blockchain.

Last year, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao expressed confidence that Amazon will sooner or later release its own cryptocurrency, which will be used to buy and sell goods.