Swiss Bank Bordier & Cie Launches Cryptocurrency Trading

One of the oldest Swiss banks Bordier & Cie SCmA, founded in 1844, began to provide its clients with services for trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

For the possibility of trading in Bordier cryptocurrencies & Cie has entered into a partnership with Sygnum Bank. The Sygnum B2B Banking solution was integrated into the internal infrastructure of the Swiss bank.

Bordier & Cie will provide customers exclusively with the ability to trade and store cryptocurrencies. That is, the bank will launch a trading platform, but will not provide analytics, investment advice or asset management services.

According to Evrard Bordier, Managing Partner of the bank, the management of Bordier & Cie sees growing demand from customers to buy cryptocurrencies and diversify investment portfolios with digital assets.

It should be noted that the loyalty of Swiss regulators to cryptocurrencies has led to the fact that it is in this country that various banks provide the opportunity to work with digital assets.

Thus, the Swiss division of the large Spanish bank BBVA is preparing to launch the corresponding services, and in the future it may bring the platform to the general European market.