MtGox creditors to vote on Court-approved new rehabilitation plan

The trustee of MtGox said that the draft civil rehabilitation plan for asset allocation was approved by the Tokyo court and now the creditors of the exchange must vote for it.

According to a document published by MtGox trustee Nobuaki Kobayashi, a Tokyo court approved a new civil rehabilitation plan on February 22. Now the exchange’s creditors must vote for the plan. Voting will be conducted online, by mail and in person, and the decision will be announced at the creditors ‘ meeting on October 20, 2021.

The date of fixing the lists of voting creditors is March 24. According to the draft civil rehabilitation plan for the distribution of assets of the MtGox exchange, priority will be given to those creditors to whom the exchange must compensate losses in fiat currency and small amounts.

The creditors who have filed claims will receive the assets in their original deposited form, if they are fiat currencies, BTC or BCH. Other assets will be liquidated and paid to creditors in fiat currency. Earlier, the editorial board of Bits. media prepared a detailed analysis of the new rehabilitation plan.

Recall that in December, Nobuaki Kobayashi submitted to the court a plan for the distribution of the remaining assets in the exchange’s wallets, and on January 15, MtGox creditors received a notification of filing a new rehabilitation plan with the court. Creditors have been waiting for a decision on compensation since 2014, when 850,000 BTC was stolen from the exchange.