BlockApps and Bayer launch a platform for tracking agricultural products

BlockApps, together with the pharmaceutical company Bayer, has launched the TraceHarvest system on the blockchain to track the supply chains of agricultural products.

The developers said that TraceHarvest will allow you to track the entire “life cycle” of products: the origin of seeds, the conditions of their cultivation, harvesting and delivery to retail outlets. The data will be available in real time.

On the platform, it will be possible to check information about each party participating in the supply chain. In particular, the system is intended for farmers, dealers, manufacturers, distributors and technology suppliers.

TraceHarvest will provide farmers with the opportunity to enter new markets and earn additional income, as well as help eliminate the difficulties that arise when accounting for crops manually.

In addition, the platform aims to protect the environment and the rights of consumers. With TraceHarvest, you can track carbon emissions and food safety information.

To implement this project, BlockApps collaborated with Bayer Crop Science, a division of the German pharmaceutical giant Bayer. Kieren James-Lubin, President and CEO of BlockApps, said:

“Blockchain has already revolutionized the agricultural industry, and thanks to our cooperation with Bayer, we have become “pioneers” in this area. Together, we managed to make our concept a reality.”

Recently, many countries have started to implement blockchain in the agricultural industry. Recently, the Swiss company Cerealia launched a platform to simplify the trade of Russian grain.

In addition, a few months ago, the Producers Market platform, which unites various producers, began to use the VeChain blockchain to track the agricultural products of farmers in Latin America.