Airbnb Plans to Add Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Support

According to the prospectus of the initial public offering (IPO) of the housing booking service Airbnb, in the future the company may introduce blockchain and add support for cryptocurrencies.

Airbnb’s share issue prospectus, filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) this week, contains information about the company’s future plans to introduce new technologies. According to the document, ” the company’s future success will depend on its ability to adapt to new technologies, such as tokenization, cryptocurrencies, and new authentication technologies.”

The prospectus mentions distributed ledger and blockchain technologies, as well as biometrics, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and cloud technologies. Although the information is provided in the “Risk factors” section of the document, it also states:

“We intend to continue to spend significant resources on maintaining, developing, and improving our technologies and platform. However, these efforts may prove to be more costly than expected and unsuccessful.”

Airbnb has previously stated that it has no plans to accept BTC on its platform. At the same time, back in 2019, the cryptocurrency startup Bitrefill added a
service that allows users to pay for rental housing through the Airbnb service with five cryptocurrencies, and the Fold startup added bitcoin
payment via the Lightning Network for Airbnb.

As part of the IPO, Airbnb plans to start trading shares on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the ticker ABNB. According to Reuters, the company plans to raise about $3 billion in an IPO. The firm said in its prospectus that it managed to make a profit in the third quarter of 2020, despite the constraints caused by the coronavirus pandemic.