Vietnam will Use Blockchain to Issue Education Documents

The Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam (MOET) plans to use the TomoChain platform based on the blockchain to issue education documents.

MOET has announced a partnership with Singapore-based startup TomoChain, which will help implement the state program “National Qualifications Archive”. As part of this initiative, all educational institutions, whether schools or universities, will issue educational documents through a blockchain-based system. The TomoChain platform is scheduled to launch at the end of next year.

The Government of Vietnam believes that the blockchain will ensure the immutability and transparency of stored data, prevent falsification of documents, and allow recruitment agencies and HR departments to quickly verify information about the qualifications and education of potential employees. The TomoChain system will speed up this process, as it usually takes a long time to check documents.

The Vietnamese authorities noted that the latest technologies should be used to manage data related to diplomas and certificates. This will benefit society and have a positive impact on the education system. TomoChain’s head of business development, Kyn Chaturvedi, said that it is the first time the Vietnamese government has partnered with a startup providing blockchain services.

Vietnam is not the only country that intends to issue digital diplomas. In March, the Brazilian Ministry of Education proposed that non-state universities issue certificates of education on the blockchain to prevent fraud. Last year, the Malaysian Ministry of Education introduced an E-Skrol system based on the NEM blockchain to combat fake diplomas.