The attack on the Tron blockchain stopped the creation of blocks for two hours

The Tron blockchain was attacked during an update on the morning of November 2 – block creation was suspended for two hours. The developers fixed the vulnerability and restored the network operation.

As Tron CEO Justin Sun reported in a series of tweets, during the upgrade of the Tron blockchain to version 4.1, the main network “was attacked by a malicious contract.” According to Sun, the attacker initiated malicious transactions, causing ” the super-representative to suspend the creation of blocks.”

Superpresentatives are administrators of the TRON blockchain. They control the creation of new blocks and are elected by the token holders. As Sun notes, the attacker wanted to “profit from the suspension of block creation,” without specifying exactly how the hacker planned to do this.

The Tron community “responded immediately” by detecting the problem and fixing it, and worked with super representatives to update the nodes, Sun wrote. The normal operation of the blockchain was restored after about three and a half hours.

“After 08: 29, the main network gradually resumed creating blocks, and finally the entire network returned to normal at 9: 40. The data in the chain remains intact, and the user assets are completely safe, ” Sun tweeted.

According to Justin Sun, the repelled attack proves that ” Tron is a decentralized network with the greatest resilience and attack protection capabilities in the industry.”

The attack affected the price of the TRON coin, which fell by 8% over the past day, according to Coinmarketcap. Recall that Justin Sun announced
launch of the Tron 4.x version this summer.