The head of called the cryptocurrency XRP “shit»

On February 5, the derivatives exchange will add a new perpetual swap contract for the XRP cryptocurrency. But while is proud to announce a new trading pair, the exchange’s CEO, Arthur Hayes, calls XRP ” dog shit “on social media.

According to the information, will add the XRP/USD swap contract on February 5 at 4: 00 UTC. The leverage when working with the XRP/USD pair will be x50. has become another exchange that has added the ability to work with XRP-based derivatives. The Binance and OKEx exchanges added the ability to work with the XRP/USDT contract, offering leverage of x75 and x100, respectively, and in addition, smaller exchanges offered similar contracts.

Despite the fact that XRP was the biggest loser in 2019, this cryptocurrency was among the leaders of the 2017 altcoin season. The extra liquidity from could give the XRP price more volatility (the coin is currently trading around 25 cents).

While Ripple’s supporters may be happy with this turn of events, there was also a fly in the ointment. CEO Arthur Hayes tweeted negatively about the XRP cryptocurrency:

“Is this cryptocurrency called Ripple, XRP, or bullshit? Who cares? It costs more than zero, so it’s time to pair with USD on”

This case demonstrates that the CEO of cares little about the quality of projects added to the exchange, as long as they bring him money.