Study: 88% of Lightning Network nodes are located in North America and Europe

Researchers from the University of Vienna analyzed the geographical location of Lightning Network nodes and found that 88% of them are located in North America and Europe.

According to analysts, 45% of the Lightning Network nodes are located in North America, with the United States leading in this indicator. This is quite logical, since the developer of the solution Lightning Labs is registered in the United States, and the largest company for the development of the Bitcoin network Blockstream is located in Canada.

Europe is not too inferior in the number of Lightning Network nodes – 43.1% of their total number work here. The remaining nodes are located in Asia (6.2%), Oceania (2.2%), South America (0.8%) and Africa (0.6%).

Analysts have noticed that less than 1% of Lightning Network nodes are located in Latin America. At the same time, this region is one of the leaders in the adoption of cryptocurrencies and bitcoin.

The connections between Lightning Network nodes reflect the relationships between states. This is facilitated by cultural and linguistic features. For example, in Argentina, 80% of nodes are connected to nodes in Uruguay, 10% to nodes in Peru, and 4% to nodes in Chile and Venezuela. A similar pattern can be seen in Kenya, China and other countries.

Infrastructure is also very important for the Lightning Network ecosystem – most of the network nodes operate in megacities and regional centers.

It is worth noting that bitcoin owners are much more likely to tokenize them on the Ethereum network in order to make a profit from DeFi projects. In Ethereum, 130 times more BTC is blocked than in the Lightning Network.