Robert Kiyosaki: “the rise of bitcoin speaks to the dying of the US dollar

Popular American entrepreneur and author of the bestseller “Rich Dad, poor Dad” Robert Kiyosaki (Robert Kiyosaki) said that the rise of bitcoin speaks of a crisis in the field of traditional finance.

In recent weeks, the exchange rate of the first cryptocurrency has increased by 50%, and Kiyosaki believes that this indicates the “dying” of the US dollar. The entrepreneur wrote on the social network Twitter:

“The rise of bitcoin has outstripped gold and silver. What does it mean? This means that you need to buy as many bitcoins and precious metal as you can, and not put it off. The train is already leaving. The dollar is dying. Silver is still available to everyone. When the dollar falls, the price doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is how much gold, silver, and bitcoin you have.”

Also recently, Kiyosaki said that the results of the US election are not so important – in any case, it is worth buying bitcoins and silver. He stressed that the policy of the US Federal Reserve, which constantly prints dollars, will not change:

“I certainly want Trump to win. We have written two books together. I’m friends with his sons. Still, I support freedom of choice. No matter who wins, keep investing in gold, silver, and Bitcoin. The real villains are the Federal Reserve and the Ministry of Finance. Buy gold, silver, and Bitcoin.”Back in May of this year, Kiyosaki called on the public to buy bitcoin to save their capital. Note that since that time, the rate of the first cryptocurrency has tripled.