South Korea to Launch Blockchain App to Store COVID-1 Vaccination Data

South Korea plans to launch a blockchain-based application to confirm COVID-19 vaccination data, which will make it easier to travel to other countries during the pandemic.

At the end of last week, South Korea made several claims about using a blockchain-based application to confirm COVID-19 vaccination data. According to Yonhapnews, the country’s Prime minister, Chung Sye-kyun, said that ” the development of a system that can easily confirm vaccination through a mobile application on the blockchain has already been completed.”

The main reason for using the blockchain is to make sure that a particular person has actually been vaccinated, and to make it impossible to use fake certificates. Usually, blockchain-based digital health passports provide verifiable data based on international standards. However, the technical details of the Korean version were not disclosed.

The Prime Minister said that the health passport was developed for use in foreign countries and meets the generally accepted standards applied in other countries. Having an international vaccination certificate can reduce the length of the quarantine that travelers need to comply with.

The smartphone app will be available this month. Now the developers are updating it to reduce the amount of confidential information used. The local Financial News reported that the technology was provided by Blockchain Labs, which developed InfraBlockchain, a Korean enterprise blockchain solution launched late last year and aimed at enterprises and public sector applications.Recall that at the beginning of last month, the Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced a pilot program for testing an application on the IBM blockchain for storing vaccination data and confirming test results for COVID-19.