Raiffeisenbank to add support for multiple blockchains to the RBI Coi platform

Austria’s Raiffeisenbank has announced plans to add support for various blockchains to its RBI Coin asset tokenization platform.

To implement this feature, Raiffeisenbank will use a tool for interacting with various Pantos blockchains, developed by the local cryptocurrency exchange Bitpanda. The tool, according to Bitpanda, was developed for more than 2.5 years in cooperation with the Vienna University of Technology. It allows projects using tokens to avoid the restrictions imposed by a particular blockchain.

At the moment, RBI Coin is created on the basis of technologies provided by Billion. However, thanks to Pantos, the platform will become independent of a single blockchain. Raiffeisenbank plans to conduct a pilot launch of RBI Coin to provide Proof of concept (PoC).

“The Pantos solution plays an important role in the real launch of the asset tokenization platform in our banking group. It will ensure compatibility with different blockchains and allow us to provide even more extensive and flexible options for using the platform for customers, ” said Christian Wolf, Head of Strategic Partnership and Ecosystem Building at Raiffeisenbank.The development of the RBI Coin platform became known in May of this year. It is expected that in addition to tokenizing assets, the solution will allow you to create stablecoins for use for various purposes.