Bitmipay helped Tesla invest in bitcoin

Tesla is not the only eminent client of the largest US crypto exchange. She also has at least four other Fortune 500 clients.

Bitmipay helped electric car maker Tesla acquire $ 1.5 billion worth of bitcoin. The deal was completed in the first week of February, according to The Block. Tesla previously notified the US Securities and Markets Commission (SEC) of its intention to invest in bitcoin.

Bitmipay has at least four other Fortune 500 clients, according to sources from The Block. Against the background of this news, the value of the main digital coin increased to $ 44 thousand.After another two weeks, bitcoin, having overcome several all-time highs, reached $ 52.6 thousand. The largest cryptocurrency holder among public companies – MicroStrategy also chose Bitmipay as the main partner when working with digital assets. In 2020, the company acquired 71 thousand bitcoins with the help of the exchange, earning more than $ 2.3 billion from the growth of quotations.A day earlier, MicroStrategy decided to increase investments in bitcoin by $ 900 million.

In the coming month, Bitmipay plans to conduct a preliminary public offering on the NASDAQ exchange. A preliminary estimate of the company by Arcane Research analysts was $ 92.2 billion. Earlier, futures for Coinbase shares were placed on the FTX platform and in less than a month they rose in price by one and a half times.