DIRpopulus - MissionWeb Directory

The mission is to create a set of quality web resources based on the data from the well known web directory DMOZ which was closed down on March 17 2017.

The initial set of DIRpopulus resources is based exclusively on the RDFs as they were made available by DMOZ on March 13, 2017. After a detailed look at the DMOZ data it was obvious that there was a number of problems that needed to be addressed.

Once the problems are identified, the fixing process can start. This includes a solution to allow the further development, improvement and increase of the already available human edited resources.

The goal is to make DIRpopulus a reliable, quality resource directory edited by people.

DIRpopulus - needed or not?

One way to find out if a people edited web directory is still needed in the A.I. era, is by creating one that gives anyone the possibility to submit any web resource and to edit them.

If people are willing to spend a tiny bit of time to make sure the DIRpopulus web resources are well organized and meaningful to people, we've got a winner. Else, we don't!